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Healthy Landscape With Fertilizers, Edging Products, and Landscape Fabrics

Buesching's Peat Moss & Mulch, Inc. provides edging products to create the perfect edge to a plant bed or border. You will also find the best fertilizers and landscape fabrics to keep your plants healthy and landscape free from weeds. Landscape fabrics protect your landscape from soil erosion.


Lend the perfect edge to your landscape bed or border, and minimize upkeep with the perfect edging.


Get the right fertilizers to bring out the best in your lawn. Buesching's Peat Moss & Mulch, Inc. offers the Lawn Science Pro Series 4-Step Annual Lawn Care Program that helps you get started on the right foot when seeding. 

Please call for more details and current inventory.


Buesching's Peat Moss & Mulch also carries a variety of lawn and landscape chemicals including pre-emergent, selective and non-selective post emergent weed and grass controls in addition to grub/insect control and weed control for ponds. Please call for more details and current inventory. 

Landscape Fabric

Protect your landscape from erosion and weeds with the professional landscape fabric that we offer.
Professional Landscape Fabric
•  Weed control / patio-paver underliner / filter fabric / soil separator
•  3 oz. spunbond
•  No-sag patio/paver under layer
•  Sand or aggregate won't sink into and intermix with soil
•  Aggregate or sand base thickness can be reduced
•  Prevents ground shifting, cracking, buckling, and heaving

Weed Control Fabric
•  Stops approx. 95% of weed growth
•  Lets air, water and fertilizer pass through to plant roots
•  Permanent when covered from sunlight

Filter Fabric
•  Protects native soil and silt from clogging drainage septic systems
•  Drainage protection to maintain flow and percolation
•  Prolongs life of septic drain fields and drainage pipes
•  Proven alternative to graded aggregate or sand filters

•  High strength to withstand heavy traffic
•  Gives professional edge, available in retail and bulk
•  Cuts quickly, no fraying
•  Easy to install
•  Permanent when covered from sunlight

Use Under or Around 
•  Patio blocks and pavers
•  Decorative stone and bark
•  Retaining wall filter fabric
•  Drainage and septic systems
•  Sand

3 oz. Spunbond Available Sizes
•  3' x 25' Rolls
•  3' x 50'
•  3' x 100'
•  3' x 250'
•  4' x 250'
•  5' x 250'
•  6' x 250'
•  8' x 250'

Woven Weed Restrictor
• Weed control, soil separator, ground cover
•  4.1 oz. woven needle punch
•  Weed control fabric
•  Stops approx. 95% of weed growth
•  Lets air, water and fertilizer pass through to plants roots
•  Saves you time (no more weeding)
•  Permanent when covered from sunlight

•  Perfect for holding decorative stone and bark in place on slopes and hills
•  Colored stripes every 12" apart for easy plant alignment
•  U.V. Stabilized (Lasts 2 years in direct sunlight)
•  Permanent when covered from sunlight

Use Under or Around
•  Sloped landscape sites
•  Flower and vegetable gardens
•  Decorative stone and bark
•  Wooden decks

4.1 oz. Woven Needle Punch Available Sizes
•  3' x 250'
•  4' x 250'
•  5' x 250'
•  6' x 250
•  8' x 250'
•  12' x 250' special order
•  Steel securing pins 6" x 1" x 6"
•  100 per case
•  500 per case
•  1,000 per case
•  15 pins per pack
•  Fabric knives

A wide range of seed to suit your particular conditions.

Buesching's is proud to offer EarthCarpetTM grass seed blends as well as everything else that you need to start a great lawn.

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