Dyed hardwood bark

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions can be found here, but please call us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

What are your hours, where are you located?

Visit the contact section for our hours of operation, phone number, address, map to our location and other info. 

Do you deliver?

Yes! We have an extended delivery area with a full fleet of various size trucks to handle any size order. 

Is there a fee for delivery?

There are additional fees for delivery based on the location of delivery. For current delivery rates please call.

Do we need to be home when the mulch is delivered?

If payment arrangements have been made and clear instructions have been given on where to place the mulch, you do not have to be home for delivery.

I have my own truck, can I come and pick up what I need?

Yes, our staff is here to assist loading your vehicle during business hours. Plus, we never charge a loading fee!

I am a homeowner who just needs mulch.
Can I order from you?

We service homeowners, landscapers and contractors. We would be honored to have your business.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Bueschings accepts cash, check, Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment.

How do I know how much mulch or stone I will need?

Know the dimensions of the area you would like to cover as well as the desired depth of the material. Then, give us a call and we can calculate it for you. Or, use this online calculator for estimating.

Will dyed mulch stain my driveway?

It is possilbe that dyed mulch will stain concrete. Staining is usually temporary and occurs mostly when mulch gets wet from rain or another water source. If you are concerned about staining it is best to put a tarp down before delivery and to keep the mulch dry while it is on your driveway.

Can I water my plants right after spreading my mulch?

It is best to wait 24 hours before watering especially when using dyed mulch products. Dyed mulch may need this additional time period for the dye to dry after spreading.

What is that yellow "growth" on top of my mulch?

Sometimes a fungus grows on top of mulch, especially during hot and humid summer weather. The most common one is yellowish in color and often looks like an animal has become sick in your mulch. This is an airborne spore and should be carefully removed from the area. Spraying the ground underneath with a solution of one part bleach to four parts water may help it from spreading. It is not harmful, just a result of certain environmental factors.

Do you have current soil tests for your soils?

Yes, we have soil tests for most of our soil products available upon request.

I am installing a new lawn and my soil isn't so great. Why should I spend the money to amend it before planting?

A higher quality soil will produce a healthier lawn which will require less fertilizer to look better. Using less fertilizer offers both cost and environmental benefits. 

I am a landscape contractor with a large job coming up, can I order a special soil blend from you?

We can put together custom soil blends per your specs. Please call us to discuss your needs. 

Give us a call!
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