Quality Stones for a Beautiful Landscape

Stones can add a touch of elegance and versatility to your landscape at low maintenance costs. They are a better alternative for ground covers in areas where mulch may wash away.

Stop by Buesching's Peat Moss & Mulch, Inc. and choose the right kind of stone for your landscape. Let us help you create the look you have always wanted for your garden. You will find all kinds of stones, including limestones, decorative stones, and landscaping stones that are available at our location.

Call us at 260-625-3358 with your questions about the stones you require, and their current prices.

Not sure how much you will need? Use this online calculator to estimate.


We have several varieties of limestone available with us:

Decorative Stones

The following premium decorative stones are available by the yard:

Landscape Stones

Beautify your landscape with alternatives such as affordable landscaping stones that provide color, texture, and functionality:

Rock solid structure and style.

It’s easy to create another dimension to your landscape through the addition of accent boulders. Let Buesching's show you the ideal shapes, sizes, and colors to perfectly accent your design.

Native Boulders
  • Small Boulders – Softball Size, 8-10 lbs./rock
  • Medium Boulders – Volleyball Size, 25-50 lbs./rock
  • Large Boulders – Bigger Basketball Size, 65-100 lbs./rock
  • Extra Large Boulders – 100-500 lbs/rock
  • XXL Boulders – 500+ lbs/rock
  • Palletized Boulders – 2000 lbs./pallet

Replica Rocks.
Beauty without the weight...

These lightweight alternatives to boulders come in an array of easy to handle shapes and sizes. Perfect for hiding that wellhead, stump, junction box or any other eye sore that you need access to on occasion.
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You can create an attractive landscape with our natural stones.
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